Can People Change?


The CAN PEOPLE CHANGE? study (1995-2012) seeks to answer if people's behavioral patterns are more or less fixed throughout their lives, raising the question to what degree do people have free will as many do not seem able to change their ways or improve their lives? The findings of the extensive 17 year study, conducted by business partners; human behavior experts, Christian Schoyen and Christin Tellefsen is presented in the book; “CAN PEOPLE CHANGE? – When trapped in a bubble”. In conjunction with BI expert Nils Ramussen the study resulted in the creation of CPI (Corporate People Intelligence); a tool/method to forecast future individual behavior/efficiency.

As the CAN PEOPLE CHANGE? study reveals, by understanding how we to got to be the way we are and that everyone has their individual patterns of thoughts and behavior created within the framework of a bubble, we are able to predict someone’s future behavior, once we have dissected their framework of thought (mental composition). This aligns with renown psychoanalyst Jung's theory that human behavior is not random, but predictable and classifiable.

Based on these observations of human behavior, together with both Schoyen and Tellefsen being students of Jung's theories of the human mind, they took on the task of understanding the human mind by studying behavioral themes to find connections and patterns to create a philosophy and ideology explaining human behavior, and thus, how the world works and ideally should work.

This information is vital for:

  • Individuals who want to know how their own life, or someone else's, will proceed.
  • Corporations to assess current and future employees to determine their probability of success.
  • Everyone interested in understanding what the universal laws of human behavior reveal about the predictable dynamics of society.

The study on CAN PEOPLE CHANGE? approached the question from every possible angle, in a scientific 13 phase study:

PHASE 01 1995-2012 FIELD STUDY Study of 10,000+ professionals in the corporate world on track record (life history) and probability of future success with focus on study of core traits and life patterns.  
PHASE 02 1997-2012 DESK RESEARCH Extensive study of methods/models used by corporations to forecast future behavior of their customers, Government agencies forecasting future terrorist activities as well as physiological profile tests to predict future behavior of employees. A continuous study from 1995-2012.
PHASE 03 1999 DESK RESEARCH Study on; "What separates the top 5% performers from "the others" in the corporate world" in regards to core traits, based on interviews with hundreds of headhunters in more than 30 countries.  
PHASE 04 2000-2010 FIELD STUDY Study of people unemployed, on the subject of the link between their core traits and repeatable life patterns.
PHASE 05 2002-2004 FIELD STUDY 2 year intensive training w/Jeff Conaway, learning to enter other peoples 'reality' to understand their thought process, integrating Carl Jung's teachings. Jeff suggested the case study leading to Living the Dream, and as motivational teachers conduct the Awakening Tour, to study people close up.
PHASE 06 2003-2012 FIELD STUDY Headhunters and behavior experts Christian Schoyen and Christin Tellefsen, conducted a life study (age 1-46) of external and internal influence as well as events forming own framework of thought according to the LIFE ideology. Behavior study aligned with the saying;  "He that knows himself knows others."
PHASE 07 2004 FIELD STUDY & DESK RESEARCH In depth case study of group of people, linking their childhood experiences to their life as adults, their core traits and how belief systems influence their thought patterns. The study resulted in the docudrama film; Living the Dream.  
PHASE 08 2008-2009 DESK RESEARCH Study on; "CAN PEOPLE CHANGE? -When trapped in a bubble and human predictability", extensive research of 600+ books on human behavior and historical statistics on various socio-economic groups in society and capability to change their core traits. Resulting in a 4000+ document, simplified into the Life trilogy; CAN PEOPLE CHANGE?, YOUR SECOND CHANCE and THE MYSTICAL.
PHASE 09 2010 FIELD STUDY Information gathering of the thought patterns of people in poverty and those interested in self-help, with emphasis on those with the greatest chance to change their life path; children in the age group; 0-12 years old. Travelled as motivational speakers to 30+ engagements across America.
PHASE 10 2010 FIELD STUDY Up close study of 2,564 people wanting to "change their life’s" on their ability/ inability to do so (w/full socio-economic and demographic breakdown), obtained by tracking their progress/statistics over time, through a customized on-line system titled 24/7 Life Support.
PHASE 11 2011 FIELD STUDY Study on spirituality/ and religion's of the world and its effects on people's bubble of reality as well as close up study of children of various ethnic background living in poverty. The field study took place in second part of the Awakening Tour, when travelling as spiritual teachers meeting people in the target group.
PHASE 12 2011 CONCLUSION The final conclusion of the human behavior and predictability study; "Can people change?", with answers on "why?" or "why not?" and is presented in the first book in the LIFE trilogy; CAN PEOPLE CHANGE? -When trapped in a bubble.
PHASE 13 2012 (July 20) THE FORMULA FINALIZED THE FORMULA for human behavior futurology is finalized, with the creation of the algorithm to forecast future employee efficiency; CPI (Corporate People Intelligence); a long term forecasting model for individual and organizational behavior and efficiency.

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking
new landscapes but in having new eyes.

- Marcel Proust -